Intermission 2 (Flashbacks from Korea part1)

August 5, 2012

So, a bit of explanation for this week’s comic. Back when I was still attending grad school in Korea, the “fun” division of the English department in our university would occasionally hold contests for the students that could potentially help them develop their English language skills. This was an entry from one of their comic-making contests in 2009, a collaboration between Jaesong (who wrote the script) and I (because I was probably ineligibe to join being (a) in grad school and (b) non-Korean) which I’d made old school style with pen and paper (which is my excuse for also partially explains all the wonky details, what with the lack of Ctrl+Z and all).  I guess you could also say that this was a prototype for Manilenyang Probinsyana because making fun of awkward foreigner situations has always been the original idea behind the webcomic and this particular strip started it all, or at least got me into thinking about starting a webcomic. 🙂


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