Just who or what exactly is Manilenyang Probinsyana?

For those not too familiar with Tagalog, the word Manilenya is actually derived from Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Someone who is Manilenya (F) or Manilenyo (M) simply means he/she comes from Manila. But then, nowadays ‘Manila’ has become pretty much synonymous to the word city, and is often used in this context. Probinsyana (or actually, probinsiyana if you want to be all proper), on the other hand, is derived from the word probinsiya, the Tagalog word for province (although there’s probably a more hard core Tagalog word for that that people don’t use anymore). Normally when one talks about the province in Filipino, one most likey means the countryside.

So there you have it. Manilenyang Probinsyana. City country girl. Or Country city girl. I’m actually not sure which one it is really, but I guess that’s the point. I was born in the countryside, grew up in the city, and I’m now halfway across the globe from my home country. Here you will find some of my adventures, misadventures, and general shenanigans. All in glorious black and white.

So sit back, relax, I hope you enjoy your stay.


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